Artist statement:


My name is Timothy Rignell


I was born in Minneapolis, and now live in the great neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis.  I picked up my first camera as a teenager and found I had a tool to capture the world around me through my eyes.  I am a nature photographer who absolutely loves taking photographs and everything that comes with it.  I appreciate the world I am in, the places I go and the spontaneity in every photograph I take.


I appreciate the reality of wandering everywhere.  When something catches my eye, I love seeing the beauty in that moment and capturing it in print.  I want my viewers to find a spark of recognition, to see the beauty of my photographs and as I perceive them.  I also hope you will look at my quirky photographs, have a smile on your face or just think, what is that.


My photographs have been described as colorful, ethereal, intriguing, quirky, amazing and beautiful.