Steve Conroy : artist, cartoonist, and "Skulltrucker" 

Steve has always wanted to be a cartoonist. Since he was 5 years old he wanted to be Charles Schultz, and later Berke Breathed. An uncontrollable doodler, Steve has developed into an artist that has incorporated his love for cartoons into his artwork. Starting in only black & white medium, Steve has moved towards vivid colors and has created such characters as cats, fish, birds, devils, bears, and lately; skulls (lots and lots of skulls). Currently Steve has taken on the project of creating the "Skulltruck" (close up photo above), an all freehand creation of multiple skulls on the exterior of a small utility truck. You have probably seen it on w 7th street, Grand Avenue or anywhere in Saint Paul. When asked "Why the skulls?" Steve replies " I enjoy the shape and simplicity of the skull and how each one can have its own individual personality."
Lately, Steve has been conducting some cartoon painting classes at the Artista Bottega on West 7th Street in Saint Paul. The class allows students to be creative and create their own ideas based on a chosen subject. The results are always amazing and inspiring.