Mike Veverka 

Thoughts on painting

Painting reflects an existentialist representation of an intellectual and emotional expression of a concentrated area of thought. It is ultimately derived from an aesthetic response to every day visual phenomena. Through painting not only is a personal truth revealed but a universal one as well. To prove integral, a painting must be both specific and general realistic and abstract, innovative and relevant. To prove relevancy a painting must force a reaction from the viewer either positive or negative. To achieve ultimate success it must be dynamic, powerful, provocative and intriguing. 

The body of work exhibited here represents an entire career of fascination with the human figure. I have found the shapes and forms which exist in the human form to be both very compelling and challenging to create within a composition. Earlier works were rendered very realistic, relying on the accuracy of the likeness to the model and the emotional state of the model. As my career progressed I felt need to express more freely and to rely more on mu imagination in developing the composition. The geometrical shapes which resemble the female anatomy are merely favorite icons taken from my childhood and are used to break up the composition and add interest to the overall composition.