Maya Rose

I am a creative spirit and I have lived in Minnesota all my life.  Because of the sometimes extreme winters, I have learned to treasure the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the lush landscape, the promise of Spring flowers, and the sweet personality of each changing season.  I incorporate my love affair with Life into my paintings through the use of vibrant color, texture, and uplifting imagery, inviting the viewer into a space of joy and celebration.  Since creating is a spiritual, joyful experience for me, I am always intensely curious to see how the sacred and the magical emerge through the images on the canvas.   

Some of the images that show up in my work are trees, flowers, angels, strong vibrant women, and celebration cakes!

You can see more of my paintings on www.mnartists.org/MayaRose.


The Joy of Living and the Celebration of Spring and New Life are the themes of this exhibit.  I chose paintings that lift the spirit with images of whimsical flowers, celebration cakes and the exuberant use of color and texture.  While painting these images, I often found myself dancing around the studio!

I am so grateful to God for the beautiful world we live in.  Often, after watching the evening news I feel the world is portrayed as a hostile place, and at times it is a challenging place and Life itself can sometimes be challenging!  I feel called to paint images that renew a sense of hope and wonder in God’s creation and love for us.

You can see more of my work at www.mnartists.org/MayaRose

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings, please contact me for price and availability at 651-717-5410 or rosiearts54@gmail.com.  Prints and cards are also available for purchase.