Mary Gallagher

My name is Mary Gallagher. I make 2 + 3D art in the St. Paul studio I helped build, surrounded by gardens that I groom. I am a transplant from NYC and NJ who re-rooted in the Midwest, where having such a studio (and being a parent) seemed more possible.

As an artist, I am interested in pattern, color, surface texture, religious iconography, environmental and social justice, mixed media, our mental processes, and collective commentary on all of the above. Hence this exhibit.

In the current piece "Holy Waters", I explore how patterns change on different surfaces, and the vitality created in that transition. For example, an altar rail design called Drinking River Rail transforms into a vestment on an angelic water fountain. The shift between 2D and 3D creates a brief opening or gap, physically and mentally. In that interval I am inclined to repeatedly ask, "What is this about? Is water literally sacred? Might rivers be our life blood? What would that mean for us, require of us?"  It is an experiment in igniting new neural pathways and fresh ways of thinking for both myself and the viewer, through unexpected changes in the surface and dimensions of altar rail designs from around the globe.