Mary Frances Judge

Tribeca artist Mary Frances Judge is fascinated by the human face and figure, and - which is rarer among artists - by the person behind and within them. For some years now she has been exploring and refining a personal means of capturing not only the features of the people she paints but something of the spirit she observes in each.

Judge's latest series employs an even more original and expressive method of capturing the spirit of her subjects. To the textural relief she adds clothing or other personal items. The image emerges gradually, cumulatively, from the quasi-abstract modeling of the acrylic and from the human energy transmitted by the objects associated with the subject to produce a spiritually rounded-out portrait. 

From the more abstract pieces to Judge's earlier periods to her present, highly personal work, a common theme has been present: the search for the human spirit. The vivid gestural energy of the composition, the richness of textural surface, and the suggestive enhancement with relief, bring her current work eerily close to capturing that elusive thing for us.

Dennis Wepman