Artista Bottega

The Truth Is Out (or In) There by Mark Wojahn

In Mark Wojahn’s art, he plays with the photographic image by adding washes of paint, ripping it up, sewing it back together or sinking it into layers of resin. For him it is an artistic strip tease of deconstruction, aging and/or assemblage. He enjoys this because he is interested in an art which journeys between the mediums. Making art is an adventure on a micro scale. A journey that can reveal a different world than the eye may see by itself. This exhibit at Artista Bottega mimics the salon presentation of the greater gallery to showcase a multi- faceted range of work created by this artist.

Mark Wojahn is a multi-media artist living and working in Minneapolis.
His work resides in many private collections. He is the recipient of the McKnight Grant in
Photography & Filmmaking.

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