Josie Winship

I feel fortunate to be an artist. I am inspired by daily walks along the Mississippi River, Lake Superior, music and artists. Making art helps me try to make sense of this complicated world we live in; even if I don’t have answers. 

For the past two years I have focused on themes relating to connection and disconnection between people. I attempt to show both the closeness we can have and the horror and cruelty that also exist amongst humans. Why do we turn on one another? I am also interested in people’s relationship to the natural world. Why is it that people do not think that they are animals and therefore a part of nature? If we accepted this wouldn’t we be more thoughtful towards others, the earth and ourselves? These are issues that I grapple with in my art.

For this show I have worked predominately in oil sticks and also markers, colored pencils and water-based paints. I like the immediacy of oil sticks, the smooshing of colors together, the texture as the paper shows through and the intensity of the colors. 

Thanks to my partner Marc Lamm and all my friends and family who helped me make this exhibition happen. And I have nothing but gratitude for being able to show my work at Artista Bottega. 



Josie Winship lives and works in Minneapolis.


Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Metropolitan State University. 

Recent Art Retreats: 

Grand Marais Art Colony - Elizabeth Erickson’s “Art as a Journey” 

Tofte Art Center in Ely, MN 

Recent Art Exhibition: 

Banfill Locke, Fridley, MN: Winship’s individual paintings and collaborative collages by Winship, Krista Walsh and Mary Esch