Jean Manrique

If I were to characterize my work in an image, I might think of a sheep standing in a field of wildflowers surrounded by trees. I work with elements of nature — natural plant dyes and prints and natural fibers. From late spring to late fall I dye and create leaf and flower prints and work with indigo on fabric, which I sew into garments and accessories, and in the winter I work with wool fiber to make felted items — clothing, wall hangings, vessels, toys and much more. My work can be found in shops in the Twin Cities and nearby communities.


Nature inspires my work. As well as using nature as a frequent image in my work, I also use  natural fibers, such as wool, silk and cotton, plant based dyes, organic indigo, and local leaves and blossoms. I began as a knitter, which led to wet and needle felting and then added natural dyeing, eco printing and indigo and shibori to my repertoire. Lately I've been working with hand stitching and shashiko techniques in the spirit of the slow stitch movement - allowing  the time spent stitching to be a calming and meditative act. I'm also challenging myself to use my sewing scraps, dye samples and shibori practice pieces in creative and artful ways. 

I hope that you will discover something that I’ve made that will inspire you and awaken your sense of beauty, joy, and your own creative self.