Elizabeth Fritz Artist Bio

Through acrylic on canvas, Eagan based artist Elizabeth Fritz transports her clients into a creative process that results in beautiful and meaningful art work and deep transformational insights. By creating Soul Art we bring the physical and spiritual together on the canvas by using areas of our body as the framework to understand what our spirit wants us to see, know, transform, heal and do in our life at this time. Elizabeth is a certified Soul Art Guide. She works with individuals and groups in the Minneapolis St. Paul area as well as offering workshops where individuals can have the opportunity to gather and create. 

“Soul art awakens our intuitive senses and guides us to our highest potential through connection with our creativity and essence. The soul art process accesses our soul and takes us out of our human process into a spiritual process which opens pathways of discovery”. 

Elizabeth FritzElizabeth Fritz is a certified Soul Art Guide. She has led individuals and groups through this experience with amazing results that go beyond the beautiful paintings her clients create. 

Phone: 651-239-8699 email: elizabeth@elizabethfritz.com