Diana D Darden

I am a local arts primarily focused on designing my own pieces to have
cut on metal. I then paint, collage and embellished them. I use vintage
findings that I have collected for years for embellishing.

I am in several galleries across the u.s. and have been published in
Somerset Studio Gallery magazines, and other publications.

My shrines, alters and "floras adoras everyday" line have collectors all
over the world.

I have been a collage artist since I was very young. I grew up as an
army brat. My work is influenced by the places I lived and visited. It
is mostly color where I find inspiration, from there,  it is all about
layering and more layering.

A huge focus of my work is the virgin Mary. I love using images of
her, there are so many. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago ( fine now),
and found something peaceful and nurturing working with them. 
I have always used them, but they became more meaningful to me during
that time.

I have recently started teaching in the past couple of years, and am
finding this to be another creative outlet.

DDD 1/2017