Deborah McWatters Padgett


My work now, as always, is about one woman’s journey to and through recollection, retrieval, expansion, acceptance and embrace. The work is about my journey; my travels, through the territory of "the examined life." Current images point to my fascination with ancient and/or decorative tile work. These images also reflect the connection I experience with all living things and the world around me. Current work features images of birds, trees, oceans, mountains and is about the healing calm and freedom found in art and nature.

Deborah McWatters Padgett, a Minnesota artist and writer, lives with her husband, ceramic artist, Michael Padgett in St. Paul. Deborah has been working as a studio artist for more than thirty years and as a freelance writer for more than fifteen years. Her work has appeared in numerous exhibits in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and in Scotland. Deborah and her husband share a studio and open the studio to the public for sale and exhibition of work twice yearly. Deborah’s mantra is a quote from Albert Camus:

“In the midst of winter I discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.” A true indication of the healing capability of art!