My work grows out of an inherent instinct to scavenge and my fascination with connections, literal and imagined. Each element, organic or inorganic, has an intrinsic beauty; its original function, shape, colour, and texture has meaning.  My relationship to the elements and the ideas they engender form the basis for my constructions. The sculptures have within them both the literal interpretation of the elements and my conception of them as material for my narratives, which explore the interaction of nature, science and history, personal desire and limitations, and our relationship to mind, body and gender, family and spirit.


My art focuses on the telling of stories. Classically trained as a performing artist, including a stint with the Saratoga Ballet Company and an MFA in Acting from the Goodman School of Drama in Chicgao, dance and drama defined my artistic life for years. I claim a visual art aesthetic as my birthright, learning from my mother, a painter and mixed media artist, and at Guildhall Galleries in Chicago.  My grandparents’ gallery of mid 20th century European and local Chicago art was the source of my early fine arts education and continuing inspiration.


In the Chicago area, my work has been exhibited at ARC Gallery, Bridgeport Art Center, ArtFutura, the Hyde Park Art Center, The Art Center of Highland Park and Eve Alfile Gallery and Studio. As a member of Images Gallery Cooperative since 2004, I have participated in numerous group exhibitions, salons and workshops. Two solo exhibitions, “Processed” (2013) and "Arrangements" (2009), presented work spanning a period of 20 years.


As a teaching artist at the Hyde Park Art Center, in Chicago Public Schools, and the University of Chicago Laboratory High School Artsfest, my workshop, “Art Is Where You Find It,” has involved participants of all ages and abilities in the process of imagining and creating art from what is immediately at hand.


In late 2014 my family and I moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. I am now in the process of exploring the art at hand and beginning a new practice in the Twin Cities. I am delighted to be a part of Artista Bottega.


To see more work please checkout my website.