The new musical duo of singer-songwriter, Carl Franzen, and guitar/sax player, Mark Arneson, will debut at a post-Thanksgiving Leftovers Concert. Artista Bottega, Saturday, November 24. The music begins at 7 pm but you are invited to come early to the party with something to share.

Carl’s lyrics paint pictures, tell stories and ask questions. His “On the Road” was recorded by John Denver (Back Home Again) and Michael Johnson (There is a Breeze) in the early 1970s. His “Ja Wohl” was one of five compositions selected from artists nationwide to be performed when the American Composer's Forum celebrated its 30th Anniversary. 

Mark is a multi-talented artist, educator and arranger, recognized as one of the best jazz guitarists and saxophonists in the Twin Cities. His fluid ability merges with Carl’s voice to give already-original songs a unique and memorable character.

Video recording of the concert is planned. Wear your best smile.