Blake Lynden


Glass-on-glass mosaic work has come to me late in my life, and somewhat by accident.  Much of my recent passion for glass began with a class I took in stone carving.  I enjoyed the process of creating, and that seemed to spark me to get going on a second project, a mosaic in a coffee table.    I had always wanted to use the leftovers from our stone backsplash, along with some copper and some stained glass, to complete a mosaic.  So, with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, I spent six months designing and working on the mosaic and the surrounding coffee table which I also had to build.  It turned out well, and that success inspired me to continue to work in mosaics.  

In April of 2016, I took a class offered by a local artist who specifically taught glass-on-glass mosaic, and I felt as if I had found a home.  Once I understood the process of mosaics, and I could apply and adapt the basic techniques, I could experiment with designs and colors.  Finally, my liberal arts education was paying off!  

It is just that joke, about a liberal arts education, that led me to believe that I have been in this process all my life.  As an art lover and appreciator, I have studied art and artists all my life.  I have a great sense of balance and can develop a palette for a piece quickly and with confidence.  The use of intense colors and textures with stained glass is part of what attracted me to work in the medium.

Working on my sunporch in the warmer weather, and in the colder months from my basement, I have had the luxury of time, to experiment and learn about glass and color and composition.  I have taken classes in other artistic areas to better expand my skill set and to keep growing as an artist.  

Working in glass-on-glass mosaic has offered me a method to use creativity, to execute designs and complete compositions.  I plan to keep working at mosaics as long as I am able and I enjoy it.  I hope to teach some classes with the support of Artista Bottega Gallery, 937 W 7th, St Paul MN.  Some of my work is on display there during regular business hours.  


Blake Lynden

August 2017